Hip Disarticulation Prostheses

Pelvic prostheses are fitted with various amputations in the hip region, such as intertrochanteric amputation, hip disarticulation, and hemipelvectomy. If a higher distal amputation level is not available due to injuries or tumors, a prosthesis of this type is indicated. In this case, an amputation is done in the upper part of the femur with proximal parts of the femur preserved, as opposed to a’ true disarticulation’ in the hip joint region.

If partial or complete removal of one pelvic half is required, it is called a hemipelvectomy. The conditions of support and enclosure are extremely challenging in this case. The sitting area is lost by removing the ischial tuberosity, and the encasement surface decreases due to the loss of the os ilium so that the lower thoracic area can require the pelvic socket to be enclosed. Not only are the organs of motion involved in hemipelvectomies, but artificial outlets for the bladder or intestine are also necessary, making orthopedic technical fitting much more complicated.