Pediatric Orthotics

The Om Pediatric Orthotic Program has a dedicated paediatric orthotic team working with patients ranging from children up to 18 years of age. The programme provides a wide range of services for young athletes from preventive sports orthotics to specialty orthosis from chronic conditions and diseases such as cerebral palsy

Om provides a multidisciplinary approach to orthotic paediatric services that meets the particular needs of each child. Your child will get personalised attention and superior orthotic treatment from infancy to adulthood with our nationwide network of practitioners and orthotic specialists.


The Om clinical team is continually learning and dedicated to advanced training and education, just as children are continually rising. This means that the new techniques and facilities available can be offered by Om.


The Om Pediatric Shoe Initiative ensures that children using orthotic braces or shoes have shoes that benefit from the orthotic protocol ‘s outcome. Traditional footwear also does not fit an orthotic system comfortably and can potentially build a secondary from abrasions to instability, circulatory problems and impaired circulation.

The Om Cranial Band for deformational plagiocephaly therapy. Via a painless remoulding operation, Cranial Bands treat an irregular head shape. From one of our over 30 choices, children or parents can pick a fun design for the cranial band. Butterflies, soccer balls and even Dalmatian spots are several choices!