Spinal Orthotics

Boston brace (TLSO)

Miami j ® Cervical Collar


Established through numerous independent studies as the superior c-spine immobiliser on the market, the Proprietary Nature of the Miami J Collar meets the advanced needs of all those suffering from cervical injuries.


The Miami provides features that increase compliance and help speed recovery while maintaining immobilisation, skin breakdown inhibition and comfort for the patient.


SorbatexTM padding, which improves comfort and helps ensure patient compliance, is antibacterial and clinically proven to inhibit microbial growth.

  • Bio-engineered in key areas to reduce pressure points; chin, occiput, trapezius and clavicle.
  • Sizing to ensure right fit and optimal immobilisation based on 6 phenotypes.
  • Occiput and mandible comfort adjustment buttons, removable supine and swallowable sterna cover.

Miami JR ®

  • Innovative Collar specifically built for children 12 and under
  • Four real paediatric measurements ensure maximum immobilisation of the airway and upper cervical spine
  • Sized according to the Occian ® AirWay PADTM Broselow-Luten Color-Coding Method for acceptable positioning and the Lil’Angel MR-Safe Halo Method



  • Provides more power than a collar alone can offer
  • Innovative system designed to treat cervical and thoracic injuries
  • The proprietary floating back design allows for complete immobilisation without the possibility of compensatory motion.
  • Snap on and off without any instruments
  • Sorbatex padding is antibacterial and scientifically proven to prevent microbial growth, enhancing comfort and ensuring patient enforcement.



  • The head and spine are immobilised safely and gently in the correct anatomical airway and spinal alignment.
  • The occipital form protects against plagiocephaly from the location
  • Enables continued intimacy between caregivers and infants
  • For infants up to 3 months, a genuine cervical spine immobiliser


  • The only MR in the industry-Safe halo scheme
  • The only scientifically confirmed halo that reduces the possibility of serious scalp burns arising from the phenomenon of halo pin heating
  • The composite glass ring and ceramic-tipped pins are non-conductive and do not cause harmful current flow.
  • Clear and artefact-free MR photos are